Acquisition Criteria

As we continue our rapid expansion, acquisitions will be a major component of our growth strategy.

Below are the acquisition criteria for companies and products that are desirable for our consideration.

Andronaco Headquarters

Business Types

  • We seek “Manufacturing Companies” or “Product Lines” of value-added Industrial engineered products that have strong brand recognition
  • Companies or Products that have broad industrial customer bases
  • Companies or Products that are niche-oriented and innovative


  • We are interested in strong operating financial performance that can be built upon. Above average EBIT’s are the norm at our operating companies however; financially deprived companies or products are also of interest.
  • We seek companies and products that are market leaders or have the potential to be.
  • We are cash buyers. Our acquisition team moves very rapidly and professionally; we expect to do a thorough due diligence review, sign a fair agreement and close within 45 to 60 days after signing a letter of intent.