Polyvalve® Launches New Website!
PolyValve Rebrand Mockup

Polyvalve has launched it’s new website today. The new website, which is designed with the customer in mind, features, small downloadable product brochures for all Polyvalve products, detailed product data, and much more.

April 24
PolyValve ships $100,000 worth of 16” polyethylene ball valves to gas company
Valve Maintenance

A leader in Polyethylene ball valve technology, PolyValve has leaped ahead again with the design and manufacture of 16" sized valves!

PolyValve 16" ball valves are approved by major natural gas suppliers for immediate installation and PolyValve is the only USA manufacturer of 16" polyethylene ball valves.

October 23
Andronaco Logo

ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES announced its Nil-Cor® LLC business unit, a manufacturer of corrosion resistant, light weight composite valves, will be supplying non-metallic ball valves for the new CVN-78 GERALD R. FORD-class nuclear powered aircraft carriers. This will be the first time that the U.S. Navy has installed non-metallic valves aboard a combatant vessel. Nil-Cor® is the world’s largest manufacturer of composite valves, which are not affected by the corrosive nature of seawater and also provide a substantial weight savings.

ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES is a global leader in advanced fluid management, including the manufacture of composite valves, fluoropolymer products and positive displacement pumps used in global chemical and ultrapure applications. Business unit brands include PureFlex®, Inc, Nil-Cor® LLC, Ethylene™ LLC, Hills-McCanna® LLC, RamParts® LLC, and Polyvalve®, LLC.

July 18
Conley Composites LLC Acquires Conley Corporation
Conley Composites Logo

Conley Composites LLC, an ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES company acquires Conley Corporation.

July 13
PolyValve® becomes NSF® Certified
NSF Certification

Recently PolyValve has gained certification from the NSF for its drinking water systems and components. This shows PolyValve's commitment to creating the best and highest quality parts for super-pure use.

To find out more, visit our official NSF Page.

November 21
ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES acquires Polyvalve®
PolyValve Logo

Polyvalve enables ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES to enter energy and infrastructure markets

Kentwood, MI. - February 01, 2011 - ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES today announced it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the Polyvalve business, a leader in polyethylene ball valves for natural gas systems, from Flowserve Corporation. Flowserve currently manufactures its Polyvalve business at its Sulphur Springs, Texas and Unieux, France locations.

Polyvalves products have been recognized as a key component of natural gas distribution systems around the world and also service the water / waste water and chemical markets. The product line had revenues of $13,000,000 in 2008. ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES will continue to operate the Polyvalves business located in Unieux, France; Polyvalves Texas operations will be relocated to Kentwood, MI and will create 20 - 30 new jobs. This is the 5th acquisition in as many years for ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES.

February 1